Red Phoenix Apres-Yoga Wear and Accessories

Red Phoenix Après-Yoga Wear and Accessories
Arising your Mind, Body and Spirit
Awakening Your True Self

"Yoga Butterfly" Organic Asymmetrical Shirred Top
"Yoga Butterfly" Organic Asymmetrical Shirred Top.jpg
100% Organic Cotton
"Satin, Roses & Chains" Handbag
"Satin, Roses & Chains" Handbag.jpg
100% Organic Cotton/Color: Charcoal Gray
"Yin Yang Yoga" Bikini Short
"Yin Yang Yoga" Bikini Short.jpg
94% Organic Cotton/6% Spandex
"Red Phoenix" Headwrap with Jeweled Trim
"Red Phoenix" Headwrap with Jeweled Trim.jpg
100% Organic Cotton (exclusive of trim)


Après-Yoga Accessories,
Apparel, Totes and
"Daisy Flower" Headwrap with Raw Edge Trim
"Daisy Flower" Headwrap with Raw Edge Trim.jpg
100% Organic Cotton/Side View
"Strength" Apres-Yoga One Shoulder Top
"Strength" Apres-Yoga One Shoulder Top.jpg
100% Organic Cotton/Hand-Crafted Knot Dye
"Tourmaline Chips" Bracelet
"Tourmaline Chips" Bracelet.jpg
Mixed Tourmaline Chips
Metaphysical Properties:
-Attracts success and money;
-Draws in the right friendships/
business partnerships;
-Promotes insight;
-Ignites compassion;
-Stimulates creativity;
Draws in love.

"Live Yoga Life" Apres-Yoga Deep Shaped V-Neck Top
"Live Yoga Life" Apres-Yoga Deep Shaped V-Neck Top.jpg
100% Organic Cotton/Color: Soft Black/Steep Gray

"Retro Mirror" Organic Headscarf w/Mirror Trim
NJ Meadowlands Model: Nina.jpg
100% Certified Organic Cotton/Color: Chartreuse
"Harmony" Organic Rhinestone Bandana
"Harmony" Organic Rhinestone Bandana.jpg
100% Certified Organic Cotton
"TieDye Flower" Organic HeadScarf
NJ Meadowlands Model: Devon.jpg
100% Certified Organic Cotton

Why Bamboo?
Did you know that bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases during its life cycle?
It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and it produces more oxygen than trees. It also requires very little water and grows in most climates!
Why Organic?
Organic cotton is grown on fields completely free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers for at least three years. Although regular cotton is great, did you know that it consumes 25% of the world's pesticides? And that equals two billion pounds! And that equals a huge carbon footprint!

Why Hemp?
Hemp has similar characteristics to bamboo. It grow fast and easy, just about anywhere! It needs very little water and leaves the topsoil happy! It is considered a cellulose fiber and it naturally is pest resistant which is great too!

Kanzashi Flowers with Falls Starter Kit
Kanzashi Flowers with Falls Starter Kit Booklet Cover
Fabric, Trim and Instructional Booklet Kit
  • Kanzashi with Falls Starter Kit Includes:
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Step-by-Step Photos
  • Pattern Templates
  • Make 2-3 Kanzashi Flowers with Falls
  • 9, 3"-inch Assorted Cotton Fabric Squares
  • 8, 2-1/2"-inch Silk Fabric Squares
  • 10, 1-1/2"-inch Silk Fabric Squares
  • 1/2 yard, 1/4"-inch width ribbon
  • 3, Assorted Buttons and Rosettes

Red Book, Turning

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Kanzashi Flower w/Falls: Fabric/IPattern/Instruction Booklet

Kanzashi Wedding Bouquets
Kanzashi Wedding Bouquets.jpg
How to Recycle Wedding Scraps and Create Kanzashi-Inspired Eco-Bouquets

No Kindle? No Problem!
Available in Booklet Form

Kanzashi Wedding Bouquet Booklet

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